Without a doubt, the audiovisual world has changed a lot over the years. There are more and more channels and platforms where you can enjoy series, sports, movies, musicals, etc. It is likely that in recent months and precisely due to the proliferation of this type of content, you have heard about the famous clines or cccam lines for decoders and / or receivers. If not and you are interested in learning what these lines are and what they are for, keep reading.



CCCam is the acronym for Client Card Conditional Module, a system thanks to which users or clients can access audiovisual content as long as they comply with and accept the terms and conditions. In short, we could be talking about a cheap cardsharing.

The cccam lines are a great advantage for those homes where there is only one television or in countries where the channels are limited or are paid. Thanks to a cccam subscription you can access hundreds of encrypted channels. The same cline allows several people to be -simultaneously- connected to the same service, which reduces a large part of the cost.


Enjoying a cccam line is really simple if you have all the elements:

  • A satellite receiver with cccam function
  • An internet connection
  • An antenna capable of connecting to the satellite that we are going to unlock

If you have these 3 elements, you can start using your cccam line and watch television channels from all over the world, without cuts or limitations. We recommend visiting the website lineascccamgratis.com to be able to get a valid cline for a whole year.