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Become IPTV Reseller

Imagine getting paid to watch TV? Or perhaps you could make living selling TV and getting involved in the lucrative business of selling subscriptions?

Why not do both at the same time, with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)? As one of the leading providers in the UK’s burgeoning IPTV industry, we know there’s nothing more satisfying than watching TV. That’s why we also know it can be hard to tear yourself away from your favorite shows.

That’s where we come in. Our bespoke service allows you to subscribe to all your favorite channels for just £5 per month – but that’s not even our most attractive offer. By becoming an independent reseller of our services, you’ll also enjoy quality equipment and free installation – giving you the chance to start earning money almost immediately.

What’s more, our packages are easy to sell with their flexible options and simple pricing structure. They also offer affordable rates at only £5 per month, making them perfectly suited for both individuals and families alike. And if you’re still unsure whether IPTV is right for your business, simply get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to provide expert guidance on how to promote the service while also demonstrating some basic techniques that you can use once it’s up and running.

If getting paid to watch TV sounds like your idea of a dream job then why not contact us now?

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