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BIGO IPTV Reseller Panel

Join us, become an iptv reseller.

Our IPTV reseller program was made to help anyone who is satisfied with our service to get their profit and start earning. We guarantee as many sales as possible, anticipating the needs of your customers and providing the best solutions. Get your access to a wide range of benefits and resources on reselling the Bigo IPTV service now.

The package is sold with all the content inside, but once purchased by contacting customer service, you can request the removal or addition of content through our ticket system.

One device is not enough for you? From today with IPTV you can watch your IPTV subscription on multiple devices at the same time and as if that were not enough even on different IPs thanks to our new plans of

Multivision IPTV

IPTV Reseller
Earning money has never been easier


Become our IPTV reseller

If you want to become one of our resellers and have your own business, you will have to contact us by e-mail by filling out the reseller form, after which we will keep in touch by e-mail where you will receive all the necessary information. a guaranteed cyst you will have to be a little involved in the business, have a few free hours a day making a minimum investment, we will provide you with our entire platform! You do not need technical knowledge in the field, you have access to your control panel from which you add your customers, generate streaming lines, view the available credit, etc.

The perfect IPTV Reseller manual!
The credit operation for IPTV panels is very simple, and below are all the indications:
1 credit corresponds to 1 month of subscription, 3 credits to 3 months, 5 credits to 6 months of viewing (10% discount) and 10 credits to 1 year of viewing (20% discount).

Finally you will find the reseller panel with unlimited credits where every month you will have to pay a mandatory monthly fee but you will have the opportunity to create all the subscriptions you want.
Below are also the charging conditions:

Once you have purchased the panel, you will receive a link to the portal to access it with a username, password, and an encrypted key. Within this IPTV portal you can create tests, subscriptions, manage passwords and download the subscription in any format you want: IPTV M3U, IPTV Enigma2, IPTV Dreambox, Etc.

If after these explanations you encounter problems, the support of IPTV Italy will always be ready to help you.

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