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1506t dvb finder software scr2 v 09.07.22 free download

1506t dvb finder software scr2 v 09.07.22 free download

1506t DVB locater programming You may see in surplus chipset before programming form the expression of scb1, scb2, scb3, scb4, scr2, scr1, sgb1, sgb2, sgb3, sgf1, rel, and so forth These 4 words are representing distinctive yet explicit topics in surplus collectors. What’s more, it isn’t so much that implies there are distinctive equipment forms yet these four words are only for referencing the product subject or look. So prior to introducing the product, you should zero in on the equipment rendition of the collector, not on sgb1, sgb2, scb1, and so on as I said these are only for referencing a particular subject of the product.

2- Server Options.

There’s is many sorts of company servers are coming in several satellite receivers. Satellite receivers are coming mostly with dscam, dqcam, goda, nashare company servers. you’ll watch freed from cast paid channels of specific satellites with the assistance of those servers. This software has subsequent options for server or card sharing.

  • Dqcam
  • Tcam
  • Go Sat Plus,
  • Nashare Pro
  • Gshare Plus


So the most vital thing nowadays is that the internet. So therefore if you would like to observe paid Channels through satellite receivers you would like the internet in your receiver for card sharing. For that purpose different receiver companies using different methods for sharing the web with the receiver.

  • 3g network : ( which is functioning with 3g,4g mobile USB).
    wifi network: and with this method, you’ll share the web together with your receiver from any external wifi connection.
  • GPRS network: and with this method, you’ll share the web together with your receiver by inserting a mobile sim card directly.
  • USB network: and with this method, you’ll share the web from your mobile to your receiver through a charging cable.
  • Wire Network. with the assistance of the wire network feature, you’ll connect the web together with your receiver through insert direct your landline DSL internet cable.

  • The following software has the below options for ethernet connectivity.
    • Wifi Network
    • Wire Network
    • 3G Network
    • Wire Network

4 – 1506t dvb finder software IPTV features.

the following software has below IPTV options.

  • Quraan IPTV
  • Xtream IPTV
  • Ferrari IPTV
  • m3u file Supported

5- 1506t DVB finder software Ecast feature.

East comes as an extra option in surplus chipset receivers software. East will help you to display (mirror) your android phone screen ” media, apps, etc” on your led tv. So you can use this amazing mobile screen mirroring feature in surplus receivers.

also read this How to create channels backup in different satellite receivers via USB flash

The following software has  6F 52 1F 00 00 00 customer id so replace it with your current customer id for USB installation.

8- Youtube.

the Youtube feature is also working in the following software. You will find the Zoom signal facility in the following software. you will find the Zoom signal feature at the bottom of the Transponder list menu of the software.

9- Shortcut Keys Menu Visibility.

the following software has also the shortcut code visibility feature for adding Biss keys, power Vu keys, and other keys, press the “0” button from your remote on the open channel and you will see the keys editing windows on the tv screen.


10- DVB Finder.

You will find the DVB finder option in this software to show your receiver display on your mobile display.


Sunplus 1506t DVB Finder Software SCR2 V9.07.22
File Format  bin
تحويلات المعالج 1506
File Size  4.00 MB
Update Time  April 26, 2021

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