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Are you looking for stable and free CCcam lines?

How to download free CCcam lines?

If you want to download one or more free CCcam lines, keep reading this complete article in which we explain step by step how to get the best clines on the market.

Cline or line of the CCcam protocol is the access data structure so that the satellite receiver can connect with the CCcam server. These lines can be obtained for payment, through a monthly / annual payment and many times they lack stability.

Without this authentication we could not use the protocol, since the server could not exchange the necessary information with the receiver, therefore, we would not obtain the decoded channel. In addition, it is important to obtain reliable and safe cccam lines for correct operation.

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What is CCcam?

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CCcam is an information exchange protocol by means of cards between equals. This is basically based on accessing digital packages offered by a server on the internet and transferring through the CCcam protocol. The main function of the server is to send the encoding of the encrypted channel over the network to the devices connected to the server and that operate in the said protocol.

To access the encrypted satellite channels, we need a subscription card from the platform. However, through CCcam we can emulate that card and thus be able to obtain access to the main channels such as Sky, Movistar plus …

How do CCcam services work?

When connecting a satellite receiver to a parabolic antenna and in the correct orientation of the same to some of the operational satellites we can observe how we receive signals from the encrypted channels but that we do not have access to them, since the reception of the signal as we have Commented is encrypted and only those who have access either as subscribers or by using a protocol called softcam access.

Therefore, with a receiver that uses the CCcam protocol and is connected to a server that is broadcasting this service, it will in turn act as a subscriber and the channel that previously appeared as blocked will now be available since the same server will be in charge of decrypting the encrypted code of the channel broadcasting by the satellite.

Finally, the subscriber, upon receiving the information from the server that operates in the CCcam protocol, will receive the decrypted channel data and will be able to view the content completely.

Before continuing reading, you should know that you will not be able to use CCcam unless you have a configurable satellite receiver for it. Please obtain one of the following receivers before starting the process.

Structure of a Cline

When we have our satellite receiver connected to the internet and configured to receive channels through CCcam, we only have to assign one or more Cline and thus complete the communication between server and client. To obtain that cline we can search online or we can download free cccam lines from this web page.

These Clines have the following structure:

<start_label>: <server> <port> <user> <password>

Putting a test example (this Cline does not exist), a valid Cline that we could introduce in the receiver would be as follows:

C: 2021 lines cccam2021

Where would it be:

  • C: ➜ Initial label, varies depending on the digital receiver, as it can be C :, CCCAM :, etc.
  • ➜ Server host that operates using the CCcam protocol for the exchange of channel information.
  • 2021 ➜ Server port.
  • lines ➜ User to connect to the server.
  • cccam2021 ➜ Password for connection to the server.

As we have commented before, although it seems curious, the username and password are necessary since it is the way that the server has to ensure that the client has made the connection correctly before making the request for the channel.

Download free CCcam lines

The steps to download free CCcam lines can become an odyssey if we do not know where to look and promote all that work, we have carried out an exhaustive search of the best websites to obtain these clines.

IPTV Reseller Panel 


What do I need to use and download free CCcam lines?

As we are talking about a digital content system, first of all, we must have available a digital reception antenna (parabolic antenna) oriented to the satellite we choose, a mobile internet connection, ADSL or Fiber of at least 20 Mbps speed, and a satellite receiver or decoder configured to operate with the CCcam protocol. And finally, obviously, a valid cline, since it depends a lot on the quality to vary our experience with this system. Therefore, we recommend that you access the section to download free CCcam lines and obtain all the ones that we offer.

Obtaining the image correctly is not only a matter of the connection with the server. It depends on many factors, such as:

  • Outsiders (server related)
    • CCcam server quality.
    • A number of users are connected to the server.
    • Stability of the server’s internet connection.
  • Own (related to the client)
    • Internet connection (WiFi or cable) speed and stability of the line.
    • LNB of the satellite dish.
    • Antenna status.
    • Receiver operation.
    • Receiver properties.
    • Environmental interference (excessive heat, heavy rain, hail, electrical storm, etc)

Satellite receiver or decoder

There are many brands and models on the market and like everything, some are better and others are worse. Not only will you have a better quality and image signal because of the receiver, other factors also affect, but it is advisable not to skimp on expenses to obtain the receiver since it is an investment for years to come and in the long run we will appreciate having spent a few euros of plus.

In this way we can rule out that a bad reception of the channel image is caused by the satellite receiver. Take a look at the best satellite decoders of 2021 and choose the one you like the most, any of that list will be a good option.

Internet connection

As you have read previously, the connection to the receiver is important and necessary since otherwise, we would not be able to connect to the CCcam server. So it is advisable to have a fluid and stable connection.

Many users choose to connect using mobile data and it is a valid option, but in the short term, since in general the receivers consume a lot of data in the process of requesting and decoding the channel (it is a constant flow of request/response) and we could run out of data quickly.

In fact, a calculation has recently been made which shows that the consumption per hour of a receiver using the CCcam protocol is 600 Mb per hour. So it is possible to use an ADSL or Fiber line with a minimum speed of 20 Mbps.

The way you connect the receiver to the internet also matters. Through WiFi, interferences are suffered due to the characteristics of the connection, and also if the router is far away it is likely that we suffer micro-cuts or image freezes since information packets will be lost in the transfer of data between the server and the receiver.

If what you want is not to worry about the internet connection giving you operating problems, please access the list of the best accessories for CCcam of 2021 and check if you need any to buy it.

Satellite dish

There are different sizes of the parabolic dish, whether they are 80, 100, 120 … To use CCcam you don’t need a large size, so one of 80 will be enough. The anchoring that we give to the antenna is important since depending on where we have to install it we can do it with an L-shaped, U-shaped or even articulated support.

The LNB is also important since it will be exposed to the environmental conditions of the area and must function correctly to avoid drops or freezing of the image transmitted by the receiver. In addition, we must bear in mind that, if we want to install more than one receiver, it will be necessary to install a double output LNB because otherwise, the second receiver would not capture the satellite signal.

But this does not stop here, if you do not want to fall into common errors that will cause instability in our CCcam system, you can read this detailed list of the best satellite dishes for CCcam of 2021 and buy safely.

Orientation to the satellite

The main satellites that operate with CCcam are Astra and Astra Hot bird. The orientation is important since it will depend on which satellite we are oriented to obtain the correct channel frequencies.

To orient the antenna in the correct degrees we can use a multimeter or sat finder, which when connecting with the coaxial of the LNB will provide us with signal measurements of the satellite to which we are oriented.

In the case of choosing the satellite to orient, we can do it through a compass APP on our Smartphone and simply move the antenna dish little by little until the sat finder shows us between 9 and 10 signal quality. The higher it is, the better, since if the platter receives vibrations from the wind and so on, the quality will drop and may cause image instability.

All these accessories for the first installation and improvement of the current one can be found in the best accessories for CCcam of 2021 .

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